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Reaching in the Gift Bag

For Christmas last year, a very generous couple hands me a gift bag. In the bag, under the tissue paper, there are three envelopes, labeled 1, 2, and 3. They instruct me to open the envelopes in numerical order.

When I open envelope number one, I say, “Oh, my God!” When I open envelope number two, I shout, “Oh, . . . my . . . God!” When I open envelope number three, my jaw drops to the floor. I’m speechless.

The more I reach in the gift bag, it gets better and better and better.

Although life has challenges, life is still a gift bag that God has given. The more you reach in the bag, the better the opportunity. The more you reach, the better the possibility.

Whatever you need, it’s in God’s bag. If you need help, or healing, or grace, or guidance, or a fresh start, or strength, it’s in God’s bag.