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Pile Up Your Bowl

Not too long ago, I go to Genghis Grill, a Mongolian restaurant where you’re able to build your own bowl of stir-fry.

First, you put your raw meats in your bowl—your beef, your chicken, and your fish. Next, you choose your spices, your veggies, and your sauce. Then you choose either rice, or noodles, or cabbage. Finally, they cook it right there.

After I pack my bowl full of food, I notice that the bowl of the guy behind me is packed much higher than mine.

I ask him, “You’re allowed to do that?”

He says, “Yeah! You can fill it as high as you can, as long as it doesn’t fall over! You gotta get your money’s worth.”

When tells me this, I tell him, “Oh okay! You can go in front in of me then! I got some unfinished business to handle!”

So I go back to the end of the line to fill my bowl up to the light fixture. My bowl reaches the heavens. When people see my bowl, they say, “Wow! I’ve never seen it piled that high before!”

(Yes, I made history. They treated me like a celebrity.)

I piled my bowl so high, because I wanted all that was available for me.

I want to encourage you to go after all that God has available for you. If God opens the door, go through it. If God clears the path, run to it. If God makes a way, go after it. If God wants you to have it, pile up your bowl.