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No Thumbs Challenge

A while back, while I’m sitting in the car in the parking lot of the library, my daughter bursts out laughing in the backseat.


I turn around and ask, “What’s so funny?”


She answers, “I’m watching this video on YouTube!”


“What video?”


She says, “These people are playing the No Thumbs Challenge!”


According to this game, you tape your thumbs down and attempt to do various activities without using your thumbs—such as open a water bottle, cut a piece of paper, tie your shoelaces, and open a bag of crackers.


The people in this video are struggling, to say the least!


Later, when I googled the significance of the thumb, I learned that the thumb is the most important finger. For example, the thumb enables you to grip, climb, and make a fist.


So when these kids on this video are playing the No Thumbs Challenge, they’re actually trying to do things without using the most important thing.


Your life without the Lord is like your hand without your thumb.


When you try to accomplish something without the Lord, you’re trying to accomplish a thing without using the most important thing. The Lord helps you to hold on, climb, and rise. The Lord is the most important thing.