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Crayons That Work

Last year, while shopping for school supplies for students at our church, I notice that the price of off-brand crayons was significantly cheaper than Crayola crayons.

So I ask the church administrator, “If someone bought your kids generic crayons, how would you feel?”

She answers, “I wouldn’t like it, because they don’t work!”

She’s right.

I’ve tried to color with generic crayons before, and it was as if the wax from the crayons skipped over the page without filling in the drawing!

Generic crayons just don’t work.

Sorry to say, when life happens, when times get tough, when we’re going through, we make the mistake of resorting to activities that just don’t work.

Complaining doesn’t work. Comparing doesn’t work. Whining doesn’t work. Talking to people who can’t even solve their own problems doesn’t work.

But can I tell you what does work?

Prayer works. Prayer can do what you cannot do. Prayer can solve what you cannot solve. Prayer can fix what you cannot fix. Prayer can change what you cannot change. Prayer works.