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Mother's Day Present

For about fifteen years, my Mother’s Day tradition had been to buy my mom enough Bath & Body Works lotion to last until Christmas.

But on Mother’s Day two years ago, as I’m driving my mom back home (about a two-hour drive from my house), I tell her, “Ma, I didn’t get the lotion this year. But I did take you out for a nice dinner.”

She replies, “You got my lotion in the trunk, don’t you?”

I answer, “No, I didn’t do it this year, Ma.”

She simply says, “Oh . . . okay.”

As we draw closer to her house, she asks, “Son, what time does the mall close?”

I answer, “I don’t know—five, six o’clock, maybe.”

Moments later, while I’m driving, she’s on her cellphone, saying, “Hi, what time do you close? . . . Six o’ clock? . . . Okay. Thank you.”

I attempt to ask, “Ma, do you want to go to Ba . . . ?”

Before I can finish the sentence, she blurts, “Yes!”

About an hour later, we’re walking out of Bath & Body Works with a luggage of lotion!

Evidently, although I had no intentions of doing so, there was never any doubt in my mom’s mind that I would buy her lotion for Mother’s Day. She was confident in what I would do in the present because of what I’ve always done in the past.

Likewise, you can have confidence in what God will do in your life because of what God has always done in your life. The same God who made a way back then will make a way right now.