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Close the Door

When I was a kid, I spent one summer with my aunt in Mobile, Alabama. Although she didn’t have central air, she did have an AC unit in the window in the TV room. This room was everybody’s hangout spot—all eighty-seven of us!

To prevent the cool air from slipping into the other rooms of the house, she placed a towel at the opening at the bottom of the door.

She would say, “Don’t keep going in and out this room, because every time you open that door, you let the cold air out.”

In other words, every time you open that door, you lose what we’re trying to keep.

Likewise, when you open the door to negativity, when you open the door to people’s negative opinions about you, you risk losing what you need to keep. You risk losing your confidence, your peace, your focus.

Keep that door closed.

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