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Messing Up before Cleaning Up

Last year, after I purchased and assembled a new bookshelf, I decided to rearrange my office, and purge it of unnecessary files and papers.

In the process of cleaning up my office, I messed up my office. During this process, my office temporarily looked as if the Tasmanian Devil had paid me a visit.

And yes, sometimes things get worse before they get better. Sometimes, you have to lose something before you gain something better. Some people may need to walk out of your life, so that you'll have room for whom God wants to place in your life. There are times when God allows things to get so bad just so that you know that God is so good!

So if it seems as if your life is a mess right now, remember that there are times when things get messed up before God cleans up. Hang in there because, in due time, things will get better.