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Don't Be a Backseat Driver

Backseat drivers give me a headache.

I love my mom to death, but sorry to say, she’s a backseat driver! One day, while I'm driving, she’s in the backseat with my daughter.

So Mom tells her, “I need you to be quiet, Honey, because I've got to pay attention!"

I’m wondering, “Pay attention to what, Ma? You’re in the back!”

When my mom is in the backseat, she’d say something like, “Son, you see that car about 147 miles down the road? It’s coming out! So you might want to slow down! . . . Watch out for that lady twenty-six blocks down the street! . . . Son, your turn is forty-eight miles ahead! So you might want to shift lanes now!”

Then she’d say, “But I'm not trying to tell you how to drive!”

I’m thinking, “Ma, will you just let me drive the car?”

Sometimes, we’re trying to drive the car of our own lives from the backseat.

What we need to do instead, however, is just stay in the back, enjoy the scenery, and let the Lord drive the car.  Let Jesus take the wheel! Let the Lord lead the way!

Even if you don’t always know exactly what the Lord is doing, at least trust that the Lord knows what he’s doing.