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Let It Go

I own about 1800 books in my library at home. Because I had so many books on one of my bookshelves, the bookshelf broke.

I put the shelf back together.

It broke again!

I put it back together again.

It broke again!

After it broke a third time, it became clear to me that it was time for a new thing. So a few weeks later, I bought a brand new bookshelf.

Although I appreciated the old thing, I realized that it was time to replace the old thing with a new thing.

Sorry to say, too often try to salvage something that’s broken, when it’s no good anymore. Why take up space in the office of your life with something that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore?

If that old idea, or strategy, or way of thinking, or relationship, or approach is broken, let it go. If it’s already proven to be ineffective, or inefficient, or unproductive, or unfruitful, let it go.