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Lawn Care

One evening, while I’m on a walk in my neighborhood, I pass by a house with a freshly cut, impeccable lawn. In front of the house, the homeowner’s line trimmer is laying on the sidewalk. 

When I see the trimmer, I say, “Wow! They have the same trimmer I have!” 

But as I admire their sharply manicured lawn, I also say, “But my edges don’t look anything like theirs!” 

Even though we have the same equipment, I’m not nearly as skilled in my use of the equipment. 

It’s not about the equipment itself. It’s about the ability of the one operating the equipment. 

Even an expensive line trimmer isn’t much in my hands. But it’s a gamechanger in my neighbor’s hands. It’s a gem in the right hands. 

What you have in your hands—your ability, your talent, your value—may not seem like much to some people. But it's more than enough in the Lord's hands. The Lord can use what’s in your hands to make a positive difference in the lives of other people.