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Keeping the Couch

Years ago, somebody spilled red juice on one of my couches. 

On multiple occasions, I hired upholstery cleaners to try to get it out. But they couldn’t. 

I even called the manufacturer to try to replace the pillow covering. But no replacement was available. 

Another option was to replace the couch altogether. But because the couch was otherwise in good condition, I didn’t replace it. 

Instead, I decided to flip that pillow over. 

Even though the couch had an imperfection, it still had value. Even though the couch had been through some stuff, it still had purpose. Even though the couch had a stain, I could still use it. 

Like my couch, you may have some imperfections. You may have been through some stuff. You may have some stains. 

But you still have value. You still have purpose. God can still use you.