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Getting the House Painted

As part of the closing when I bought my house ten years ago, the builders agreed to send painters to touch up the interior of the house within a year after closing.

Prior to the painters’ arrival, I marked areas I felt needed attention with painter’s tape. (I confess I got carried away!)

By the end of the day, when the painters finished, one painter exclaimed to me, “My man, we painted your whole house! You have a new house!”

In actuality, I didn’t have a new house. It was the same house. But it felt like a new house. It looked like a new house.

God can take your same old situation and make it feel like a new situation. God can do a new thing in an old place. God can bless you right where you are. God won’t always replace what you have. Sometimes, God will renew and revive what you have.