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Finish It

The other day, I read about a runner by the name of John Stephen Akhwari of Tanzania, who was scheduled to participate in the 1968 Olympic Games. Before the race, however, he injured himself. His right leg was bandaged, he was bleeding, and he was obviously in great pain.

By the time he made it to the stadium, it was dark, and the race was long over. Nevertheless, when he arrived at the stadium, he completed his run anyway.

When he finished the run, a reporter asked him why he did it. And he answered, “My country didn’t send me here to start the race. My country sent me here to finish the race.”

Right now, you’re on the track of your life, and God wants you to finish the race. Finish writing that book. Finish composing that song. Finish your degree. Finish your paperwork. Finish your job application. Finish your school application. Finish your business plan.

Finish what God has called you to do.