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Fear Can Work in Your Favor

Fear is a bully. Its bark is bigger than its bite. But even if you slide down the slippery slope of fear, remember that God is so awesome that God can use the fear to work in your favor.

The other day, a father and his daughter were leaving Wal-Mart. As they were walking through the parking lot on the way to the car, another car sped up in the parking lot. When the car sped up, the daughter squeezed her father’s hand, almost stopping his circulation!

It was her fear that caused her to hold on to her father tightly.

In the same way, sometimes it’s your fear that causes you to hold on to God like never before. It’s your fear that causes you to depend on God, and lean on God, and rely on God, and count on God like never before.

God can use fear to work in your favor.