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Even If You're Broken

I have two floor lamps in my TV room, one on each end of the room. Not too long ago, however, when I pull the chain switch of one of the lamps to turn it off, I break the chain.

Now that I’ve broken the chain, the lamp stays on. But when I’m done using the lamp, I simply unplug it.

Even though the lamp is damaged, even though this lamp has some issues the other lamp doesn’t have, this lamp is still effective. This lamp still shines. Despite this lamp’s imperfections, this lamp is still able to do what it’s been created to do.

Likewise, your imperfections don’t disqualify you from doing what God has created you to do. You may be broken, but you can still be a blessing. You may be hurting, but you can still be a help. You may be wounded, but you can still be a witness to the grace of God and the goodness of God.