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Double Dutch

When my sister and I were kids, she and her friends would play the jump rope game Double Dutch.

Fascinated by this game, one day while they’re playing, I ask, “Erika, let me try to jump in? Let me get one try? Let me see if I can do it?”

She agrees.

As they turn the ropes at about 100 miles per hour, I'm rocking back and forth—not because I know what I’m doing, but because that’s what I saw them doing. I close my eyes, yell like I was getting a whooping, and then attempt to jump in. When I jump, the ropes slap me across the head.

Then Erika says, “No! That’s not how you do it! You got to jump in when you see an opening!”

As it is with Double Dutch, so it is in life.

Every now and then, God will give you an opening—an opportunity, a moment, a chance. And when God gives you an opening, when God gives you a moment, when God gives you an opportunity, don’t just stand there. But jump.

Jump and see what God has in store for your life.