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Don't Be Like


In his book Driven from Within, Michael Jordan shares that initially, when he entered the NBA draft, he didn’t want a shoe contract with Nike. But he was willing to accept a contract with Converse.


Although Jordan was interested in Converse, Converse wasn’t interested in him. As a consequence, Jordan ended up with this struggling shoe company known as Nike.


On November 1, 1984, during Jordan’s rookie year, the cost of one share of Nike stock was $7.00. The value of that same share in 1998, Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls, was $418.00.


Today, Air Jordan, a shoe line of Nike, is the number one selling basketball shoe in the world. Today, Nike shoe company actually owns Converse. Converse had an opportunity, but they let their opportunity pass them by.


Don’t be like Converse. When God gives you an opportunity, don’t let it pass you by! When God gives you an opportunity, take advantage of it.