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Despite the Flaws

The other day, while I’m washing the dishes, I notice the angel figurine on the kitchen counter, which I bought fourteen years ago, the day my daughter Jocelyn was born.

The message on the angel reads, “Faith is held close to our hearts.”

Since Jocelyn’s middle name is Faith, I bought it in honor of her, as if to say, “Jocelyn Faith is held close to my heart.”

Over the years, this angel has suffered hardship. When I bought her, she had two wings. But they broke off. One wing is lost, and the remaining wing is chipped. When I bought the angel, she was holding a cross to her chest. Now the cross is broken. This angel even has a crack on her hairline.

Nevertheless, even though this angel is broken, even though this angel is cracked, even though this angel is flawed, I’m willing to look beyond her flaws and see her value.

That’s what God has called us to do for the people in our lives—to look beyond their flaws and see their value.

And we should look beyond their flaws because God looks beyond our flaws.