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Cracked iPhone

A few weeks ago, when I drop my iPhone, the glass screen protector to my phone cracks.

When I damage the phone, I go to T-Mobile, tell them my phone is damaged, and then I ask, “What’s more financially appealing? Should I get a new phone? Or should I try to get this one repaired?”

The sales associate answers, “It would be more financially appealing for you to take it to the Apple store and have them repair it? That’ll save you some money.”

When she tells me this, I’m thinking, “Say less,” and then I scurry to the Apple store for them to fix my phone.

Thus, even though the phone was broken, the phone still had possibility.

Similarly, when God shows you grace, God doesn’t replace you. But God restores you. Even if you’re wounded in some area in your life, God doesn’t give up on you.