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Blind-Spot Monitor

A few Sundays ago, while driving to church, I tried to switch lanes. But as I began to shift, I felt resistance from the steering wheel.

I had never experienced this before.

Then I noticed a light on the dashboard I had never noticed before. It read, “BSM.”

I wondered, “BSM? What is that?”

As I pulled into the church parking lot, I looked it up on my phone and discovered that BSM is short for Blind-Spot Monitor.

When the Blind-Spot Monitor is activated, the steering wheel gives slight resistance as you shift lanes to ensure you want to shift. The Blind-Spot Monitor uses radar sensors on the rear bumper to detect a vehicle in your blind spot.

That is, the Blind-Spot Monitor sees what you cannot see.

In this life, the Lord is your Blind-Spot Monitor. The Lord sees what you cannot see. The Lord knows what’s best for you.