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Because God Is with You

For about four years, I’ve owned two guinea pigs, Snuggles the momma and Kiki the daughter. 

A couple months ago, when I come downstairs, I see that Kiki, the daughter, has died. 

For the next two days after Kiki’s death, it’s evident that Snuggles is depressed. 

One morning I tap the cage and call out, “Snuggles!” 

Snuggles doesn’t budge. 

At this point, I’m afraid Snuggles may die from depression and loneliness. 

I google questions about dealing with a lonely guinea pig. According to multiple articles, I should purchase another guinea pig because a guinea pig left alone is more prone to depression than one with a companion in the cage. 

After reading the articles, I drive across town to buy another guinea pig. 

My daughter names the new guinea pig Hazel. 

When I bring Hazel home to meet Snuggles, immediately the same Snuggles who was barely hanging on begins to perk up, hop about, chirp, and sing. 

Snuggles is revived because she’s not by herself. 

Likewise, regardless of the depth of your dilemma, your attitude changes when you remind yourself that you’re not by yourself—when you remind yourself that God is right there with you.