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When You Need Another Token

A while back, I’m playing Pac-Man so well at the arcade that I advance to the level on which the power pellets don’t work anymore. On this particular level, the ghosts don’t even turn blue after I eat the power pellets!

Eventually, however, my last man dies. But when he dies, there’s a countdown on the screen. I have ten seconds to put another token in the machine to extend my game.

So I ask my daughter, “Jocelyn, give me a token quickly—quickly!”

Just before I put the token in, I give her a dollar for her to get more tokens from the machine for when I die again. (I wanted to be ready.)

Each time my last man dies, she’s right there to give me another token.

Likewise, when you fall, when you slip, the Lord is right there to give you a hand, right there to give you strength, right there to restore you, revive you, and rekindle you.