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"Transfer Please"

My sophomore year at Norfolk State University my car broke down. Because I couldn’t afford to get the car fixed, I started catching the bus.

I lived near the campus, but I worked at Super K-Mart on Military Highway. I would catch the Route 20 bus down Virginia Beach Boulevard to Military Circle Mall. As soon as I paid my fare, I’d say to the driver, “Transfer please!”

Once the bus arrived at Military Circle, I would transfer to another bus that would take me down Military Highway, and on to Super K-Mart. In order for me to make it to my destination, I needed a transfer.

In many cases, your path to your destiny is not a straight shot. In order for you to reach your destination, you need a transfer.

Oftentimes, God uses pain as a means to transfer you to your purpose. God uses your burden to transfer you to your blessing. God uses your problems to transfer you to your promise.

Even if you don’t always like how God does what God does, trust that all things are working together for your good.