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Track Parent

During this pandemic, one of the things I miss the most is being a track parent.

Believe it or not, I miss spending my Saturdays at track meets from 7:30 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon. I would wait eight hours to watch three events—the 100-meter race (which takes about fifteen seconds), the 200-meter race (which lasts about thirty-three seconds), and the long jump (which takes about twelve seconds). I would wait seven hours and fifty-nine minutes to watch one minute of events.

Nevertheless, once the kids start running, I holler like I’m on a rollercoaster ride.

Even though the wait is a long wait, it’s worth the wait.

It’s possible that you’ve been waiting a long time for God to do something in particular in your life. But even if it seems like your wait has been a long wait, God can make it worth the wait.