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The Rules Don't Rule

Last year one of the members of the church I pastor was doing her intern with me. As part of her intern, she observed a class session I taught at Randolph-Macon College. When I arrived on campus, I saw that she had parked in a “no parking” spot. When she saw me, she asked me if she could park there.


I said, “I think you’ll be okay. But I’m not sure.”


When I saw the campus security guard walking across the parking lot, I said, “Excuse me, Sir. I’m Dr. Larry Enis, and I teach a religion course in this building right here. And this is my intern. And she’s going to observe my class today. She doesn’t have a parking pass. But is it okay if she parks right here?”


He asked, “Do you see this badge right here?”


I answered, “Yes I do.”


He replied, “This badge means that what I say goes. And I say, yes, she can park right there.”


Because this man had authority, the rules didn’t apply to him.


And just as this security guard broke the rules for my intern, so also your Security Guard can break the rules for you—because the rules don’t apply to Him.


The rules don’t rule. God rules!