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 The Capable Coca-Cola Bottle

While I’m eating lunch at a restaurant, I’m intrigued by the table centerpieces—Coca-Cola bottles used as flower vases!


As I munch away at my salad, I pick a fight with the Coca-Cola bottle, saying, “Yo, you’re a soda bottle, not a vase! And they got you looking silly holding flowers! . . . How you feel about that?”


The bottle answers, “Well, I actually don’t mind holding flowers! I think it’s a good thing!”


I retort, “A good thing? You sound like you’ve been drinking! How is it a good thing that they’re using you as a vase?”


The bottle replies, “The fact that they’re using me as a vase is proof that I’m capable of doing more than what other people expect me to! It’s proof that when they see me, they see more than just a bottle!”


Like this capable Coca-Cola bottle, rest assured that you’re capable of doing whatever God has called you to do. What God has called you to do may very well exceed the expectations of others and even of yourself.