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Swinging from the Lights

Last year I try to clean the chandelier in the foyer of my house, which is about twenty feet in the air—almost the height of two basketball hoops atop each other.

Since I obviously can’t reach the chandelier, I grab the broom, march up to the second floor, and then reach over the bannister with the broom to pull the chandelier toward me.

In so doing, I accidentally pull the covering of the light fixture out the ceiling. A couple days later, I notice the chandelier literally hanging by a thread.

It’s clear that it’s only a matter of time before the chandelier smashes to the floor (or on top of my head). So I call a fellow church member, who’s an electrician.

When he arrives at my house, he jokes, “You must’ve been partying awfully hard, swinging from the lights.”

I reply, “Don’t tell anybody!”

But here’s my point: I call on someone who’s qualified to fix my problem.

When you feel like your life is hanging on by a thread, when it seems like things are falling apart, there’s an Electrician you can call on who’s qualified to fix your problem—God.

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