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Stuck Between the Seats

While sitting in the car, have you ever dropped something between the seats of the car? Perhaps you dropped a pen, or some Starbursts, or cashews, or pistachios, or a York Peppermint Pattie, or French vanilla coffee creamer, or Splenda packets, or ChapStick, or lipstick, or Chick-fil-A sauce—or maybe even some quarters.

Now, if you drop a nickel, or a penny, or even a dime, that’s one thing. But if you drop some quarters, that’s another thing! That’s real money right there!

Have you ever reached between the seats for what you dropped, but you couldn’t quite reach it? You’re fiddling and feeling around, but you’re having a hard time reaching the item! Don’t you just hate when that happens?

There are times, however, when it seems like the blessing, or the opportunity, or the hope, or the peace, or the joy that you’re stretching for is beyond your reach.

But the good news is this: prayer can reach places you cannot reach. Prayer can go places you cannot go. So when it seems like your life is stuck between the seats, don’t just fret about it, but pray about it.