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Sitting on a Blessing

One Sunday evening last year, I was looking for a check. I looked everywhere for that thing.


I looked in my wallet. I looked in my bag. I looked in my pockets. I looked in the glove compartment. I looked in the trash. I looked in my trunk. I looked under the seats in my car. I backtracked my every move.


So I’m thinking, “I must’ve left the check at church.”


So Monday morning, I look in the trash can in my office at church. In the trash can, I see the envelope that the check was in—but no check!


I’m wondering, “Where could my check be?”


Exasperated, I look in my wallet again. And yes, the check is indeed in my wallet! I had folded up the check, and slid it into a small compartment in my wallet.


I was literally sitting on what I was looking for, but didn’t even know it.


And you too could very well be sitting on your blessing right now, and not even realize it. The answer to your prayers could very well be right in front of you, and you not even know it.


So if it seems as if your blessing is absent, don’t lose hope. But keep looking!