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Rubbing Alcohol

A couple years ago, when I was a guest at a friend’s family get-together, we all played several games. After winning one of the games, I receive a bottle of alcohol as a prize—not the kind of alcohol our cousins like—but a bottle of rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol!

When I receive the prize, I unenthusiastically say, “Gee . . . thanks. . . . Just what I always wanted.”

A few weeks later, while looking for a book in the trunk of my car, I notice the same bottle of rubbing alcohol in my trunk. As a matter of fact, it’s still in my trunk right now because I don’t value that prize.

Don't be like me. When God is kind enough to give you a gift, a talent, a blessing, or an opportunity, don’t treat what God has given you like I do the rubbing alcohol.

Appreciate what God has given you. Value it. Use it. Be faithful over it.

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