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Ring Around the Collar

Since I started pastoring five years ago, I’ve gone through a whole lot of white dress shirts.

After just a few wears, I used to throw them away because I couldn’t get the ring out my collar, no matter what I tried. I tried Shout, Resolve, Spray ’N Wash, baking soda, and even Melaleuca. I even read on the Internet to try shampoo. But even though my shirt smelled like Head & Shoulders, it was still dirty around my neck.

So one day my mom suggested that I try Clorox Foamer Bathroom Bleach. She said, "Spray it and brush it with a toothbrush, and I bet the dirt would come right out.”

And yes, when I followed Mom's advice, my shirts looked like they were brand new.

Isn’t that how God’s grace works in your life?

When God sprays you with God’s grace, God lifts the dirt from the surface of your life, and brushes away the stains, and the grit, and the junk, and the residue from your life.

When God sprays you with God’s grace, God waits on you, and works on you, and loves on you. God’s amazing grace gives you yet another chance to make the most of the moments you have left.