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Riding in the Child Seat

When an infant is riding in the backseat of the car, the safety seat is positioned like a Lazy Boy recliner, so that the child can see only out the back windshield. For two years, the child can see nothing but clouds, rain, snow, night sky, daylight, and perhaps a stoplight here and there.

As these children are being chauffeured from place to place, they have no idea where they’re going. 

In fact, they don’t need to know, as long as the parent knows. As long as the parent is leading the way, these young passengers will reach the desired destination. 

There are times when God guides us along, while we’re in the back seat, looking out the window without knowing exactly where we’re headed. 

But that’s okay, because as long as God knows where you’re going, as long as God is leading the way, you will reach God’s desired destination.