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Read the Manual

Last year one of the TVs in my house stopped working. So I bought another one.

This new TV came with a universal remote control that’s capable of connecting with my cable service. When I discovered this feature, I said, “Cool!”

But when it was time for me to read through the manual that came with the remote control, and thereby activate the remote control, I said, “Not cool!” I just didn’t feel like it.

So to this day, my remote control is not connected to my cable, because I lack the patience to read through the manual. Because I refuse to read the manual, I’m denying myself the full benefits of the remote control.

A manual is your instruction book that shows you how to operate something. The Bible is your manual for living. But when we refuse to read the manual that God has provided for us, when we don’t spend time in God’s Word, we’re denying ourselves the benefits that are available to us.

So at some point today, be sure to read the manual.