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Paying Attention to the Pop

I absolutely love microwave popcorn. 

If you’ve ever popped a bag of microwave popcorn, you know that it’s important to take the bag out the microwave at the right time. If you don’t time this thing right, you’ll end up with either numerous unpopped kernels in the bag or, worse, a smoke-filled kitchen. 

When the bag begins popping, you hear slow pops: pop, . . . pop, . . . pop, . . . pop, . . . pop. 

Shortly afterwards, you hear rapid pops: pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. 

Then the pops slow down again: pop, . . . pop, . . . pop, . . . pop, . . . pop. 

When the pops slow down, that’s your sign that it’s time. 

Every now and then, God gives you a sign that it’s just about time for the blessing you’ve been waiting for. God may give you an indication of what God is doing in your situation. 

Don’t just meander through life aimlessly. But pay attention to the pace of the pops.