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Pay Attention to the Label

A few weeks ago, my daughter Jocelyn and Maya praise dance during the service. 

The plan was for them to wear a white leotard, white palazzo pants, white tights, white jazz shoes, and a blue overlay. 

The palazzo pants are 100% polyester. 

According to the label on the palazzo pants, if I choose to iron the pants, I should set the iron on warm, low. 

However, because I wanted Jocelyn’s pants to be extra, extra, extra pressed, I turn the iron all the way up, with the steam on full blast. 

Again, the pants are 100% polyester! 

When I turn the iron all the way up, with extra steam, I ruin the pants. 

Now, two days before they dance, I don’t have time to order another pair. 

So at the last minute, I call Maya’s mother Tyneca, saying, “Hey, uh, you still got those black palazzo pants, and the black leotard, and the black tights, and the black jazz shoes for Maya? We need change the girls’ outfit, because, um, I messed up Jocelyn’s white pants!” 

I mess up the pants because even though I had access to the guidance on the label, I ignored the guidance. 

When we don’t pray, when we don’t seek God before making a major decision, we’re ignoring the guidance available to us. 

Don’t ignore God’s guidance. But pay attention to the label.