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Operation and God's Grace

Have you ever played the game Operation?


The game actually consists of a patient known as Cavity Sam on an operating table. Sam has all kinds of ailments, such as a broken heart, a wrenched ankle, butterflies in his stomach, a wish bone, a funny bone, spare ribs, and even brain freeze. Yes, Sam even has an ice cream cone in his brain!


The object of the game is for each player, using a pair of tweezers, to remove the ailment from Sam’s body without touching the metal edge. If you touch the edge, the buzzer sounds, and Sam’s nose lights up, and you lose your turn.


For some of us, Operation is a very difficult game to play because as we attempt to remove the ailment, there is very little room for error. The slightest shift to the left or to the right, the slightest mistake, could cause us to lose our turn.


But I’m so glad that God gives us room for error. I’m so glad that God gives us room to make mistakes. I’m so glad that when I mess up, God doesn’t give up. I’m so glad that when I act out, God’s grace steps in.


If you ever feel as if you don’t have a reason to thank God, you can always thank God for grace.