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Lean All the Way Back

When I work out with my personal trainer, I often do exercises on the TRX Suspension Trainer, which is a belt that uses gravity and bodyweight to perform various exercises.

One end of the belt is attached to a hook that’s drilled into the wall. The handles are on the other end of the belt.

For one of the exercises, I grab the handles with my palms facing one another, lean all the way back until my weight is on my heels with my arms extended out in front of me, as my body forms a diagonal. Then I bend my elbows to pull my torso up to meet my hands.

Because I’m not a skinny dude, the scary part is when I lean all the way back! As I lean all the way back, I’m always wondering, “What if the hook comes out the wall? What if I bust my head?”

In order for me to do the exercise correctly, I must place my total trust in the hook.

This is exactly what God wants us to do. We should place our trust in God because God is the Hook that holds us up and keeps us from falling. Despite the magnitude of your situation, trust in the Hook and lean all the way back.