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Just Look Inside the Package

A while back, my daughter and I go to McDonald’s. At the drive-thru, I order two McChicken’s and a large Diet Coke. She orders a Happy Meal—four Chicken Nuggets, apple slices, a small fry, and a chocolate milk.

When they give us the Happy Meal, we see that it’s in a brown paper bag. When I hand Jocelyn the bag, she says, “Daddy, I ordered a Happy Meal! This ain’t no Happy Meal! A Happy Meal doesn’t come in a bag! A Happy Meal comes in a box!”

I say, “Just look in the bag, Honey.”

When she looks in the bag, she sees that, although it’s not packaged how she expects it to be, everything that she desires is in the package.

And there are times when your blessings may not be packaged how you expect them to be. But if you look in the package, if you look beyond the surface, you’ll see that God has given you everything you need. Just look inside the package.