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Joined at the Hip

Shortly after the onset of the pandemic last year, it was clear that the church needed a computer for our online video productions. The computer we ordered was part of a promotional, which included free AirPods.

Apple ships the AirPods the next day. But the computer was scheduled to be shipped weeks later.

After reviewing the order, however, I realize that the features on the computer lack the power to process our services efficiently.

Since Apple hadn’t delivered the computer yet, we call Apple to upgrade the computer. But Apple says that in order to change the order, they need us to return the free AirPods or pay for them. (Paying for them wasn’t an option!)

I reply, “Well, since free AirPods come with the upgraded computer also, and since you haven’t shipped the computer yet, can’t you just swap out the computer, and then we pay the difference for the upgraded computer?”

She says, “No.”

I ask, “Why not?”

She answers, “Those AirPods and that computer are joined at the hip, because they’re part of a package deal. Wherever that computer goes, those AirPods go.”

Just as the AirPods and the computer were joined at the hip, so also you and God are joined at the hip. That means that wherever you go, God goes. Despite who may be against you, God is with you.