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It's Time to Upgrade

A while back, I watched a rerun of the comedy Blackish. And in this particular episode, Bow (played by Tracee Ellis Ross) tells her husband Dre (played by Anthony Anderson) that she’s pregnant.

Now, they already have four children. And at the end of this particular episode, Dre is in the garage crying, talking to his sedan. Yes, he’s talking to his car!

Dre is sad because he realizes that he’s going to have to trade in his sedan for an SUV. See, Dre needs a bigger vehicle in order to make room for the new blessing that’s on the way.

And it’s very possible that you’re are riding around in a sedan, but the sedan can no longer hold the blessings that God has in store for you.

So it’s time for you to upgrade. It’s time for you to make some room in your life, so that God can bless you with something bigger.