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Invisible Liquid Glass Screen Protector

When I upgraded my cell phone last year, the sales associate at Sprint sought to persuade me to purchase an invisible liquid glass screen protector.

I said, “Liquid glass? I don’t know about that!”

She said, “It really works! That’s what I use on my phone! . . . All you have to do is put a drop onto the screen, rub it in with a cloth, and that’s it!”

I said, “I don’t think so!”

She said, “Actually, it’s our least expensive screen protector we have in stock.”

I said, “Really? Least expensive, huh? Say more!”

She then pulled out her phone and a box cutter. (Yep! She just happened to have a box cutter in her pocket!)

She said, “Watch this!”

To my surprise, she started scraping on her phone with a box cutter without damaging the screen.

This invisible liquid glass screen protector provides a shield on my phone that I can’t even see!

In the same way, there are times when God is protecting you without you even realizing it. God is your Invisible Liquid Glass Screen Protector.

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