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If You Keep Looking

Do you remember the seek and find magazine Highlights? 

These magazines are filled with pages of puzzles with hidden objects in the pictures. The goal is to find the hidden objects in the pictures. 

Recently, while taking a writing break, I complete a seek and find puzzle. 

While working on the puzzle, I find most of the objects right away. But when I get down to the final three objects—a hairbrush, a musical note, and a snake—I’m struggling to find them. 

Even though I can’t find the objects right away, I keep looking because I know that they’re in that puzzle somewhere. 

There are times when life is like a seek and find puzzle—when you’re stumped and perplexed. In this puzzle, you may not be able to see God working in your situation right away. But if you keep looking, you’ll see that there’s a blessing in there somewhere.