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Ice Cream Truck

When I was a kid, the world stopped when I heard the melody of the ice truck. 

No matter what I was doing, I stopped and then ran into the house, yelling as if my life depended on it: “Mama! . . . The ice cream truck! . . . I need a dollar—quick!” 

When she gave me that dollar, I’d run outside and frantically holler at the truck: “Hey!” 

This was such a big deal because the ice cream truck didn’t come in our neighborhood often. 

When given the opportunity to overpay for a Bomb Pop, or an ice cream sandwich, or a Nutty Buddy, you needed to make the most of it. 

Every now and then, in some area in your life, God will send an opportunity your way. When God sends the opportunity you’ve been longing for, don’t waste it, but make the most of it.