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God and the Amazon Logo

It's very likely that you order items from

But have you ever noticed that the arrow in the Amazon logo is shaped into smile? A while back I discovered that the smile actually represents the company’s desire to satisfy their customers.

Even more, have you ever noticed that the arrow in the logo begins at the first “A” in “Amazon” and ends at the letter “Z” in “Amazon”? This arrow represents the company’s commitment to selling every product you can imagine—everything from “A” to “Z.”

As I reflected over this logo, it dawned on me that there’s a strong similarity between the logo of Amazon and God.

Just as Amazon seeks to satisfy their people, so also God seeks to satisfy God’s people. In Philippians 4:19, Paul writes, “My God will fully satisfy your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

And just as Amazon sells everything from “A” to “Z,” so also God is everything from “A” to “Z.” According to Revelation 1:8, God is the “Alpha and the Omega.” “Alpha” is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. “Omega” is the last letter of the Greek alphabet.

God, then, is the beginning and the end, and everything in between. It all starts with God, and it all ends with God. God is everything from “A” to “Z.” God can be whatever you need God to be.

When you don’t know what to do or which way to go, God is your Guide. When you feel trapped, God is the Key to get you out. When you’re confused, God is your Answer.