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Faith Is Your Mallet

Every now and then, I take my daughter to Chuck E. Cheese. And one of our favorite games is Whac-A-Mole—which has a cabinet at waist level with five holes at the top, and a soft mallet attached to it (something like a soft hammer).


A plastic mole randomly pops up out of each hole. The object of the game is to hit the mole with the mallet as fast as you can when it pops up.


And like these random moles, every now and then, fear, and worry, and frustration, and negativity will pop up in your life.


When they do, however, you need the faith to . . . bam, knock it back down. When fear pops up, . . . bam, knock it back down! When worry raises its ugly head, . . . bam, knock it back down! When negativity pops up, . . . bam, knock it back down!


Faith is your mallet. Use it!