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About twelve years ago, while I’m in the Ph.D. program, I’m supposed to be getting ready for class.

But I can’t turn away from the series finale of one of my favorite shows, The Wire.

After learning that Michael had become the new Omar, Bubbles had finally gotten himself together, and McNulty had gotten away with “murders,” I grab an apple, dash out the door, and then hop in my car.  

Nine minutes before class, as I’m blasting the old Kanye West (“Champion” on repeat), I notice a traffic jam ahead.

As I approach the cars stacked like sardines, the detour sign sends me right, when I wanted to go left.

I yell at the sign, “Are you serious?”

The sign was serious.

I grudgingly go right.  

But believe it or not, I actually arrive on time for class. 

Despite the detour, I arrive where I’m supposed to be, when I’m supposed to be there.

Despite the detours you may encounter in your life, it’s still possible to reach the destination God has in store for you.