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Climbing Out Your Comfort Zone

My two guinea pigs, Snuggles and Kiki, love it when I give them hay. When they hear me opening the bag of hay, they begin jumping about. 

One evening I conducted an experiment. When I open their cage, I don’t place the hay in the cage. Instead, I place a pile of hay just outside the cage. 

I wanted to see if they would dare to crawl outside the comfort of their cage for the hay. I wanted to see just how badly they wanted the hay. 

When I place the pile of hay just outside the cage, they incessantly sniff around. Both approach the edge of the cage. 

The momma, Snuggles, begins biting a bar of the cage. I just shake my head. 

On the other hand, when Kiki smells the hay, she stretches her body and dares to climb out the cage. 

Because Kiki was willing to stretch herself, she had all the hay to herself. 

The blessing was available for them both. 

But in order to acquire and enjoy the blessing, they had to go get it. 

God has provided a blessing for you. But in order to acquire and enjoy the blessing, you may have to go get it. You may need to stretch yourself and climb out your comfort zone.