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Better Than Robitussin 

One of my favorite TV shows is Everybody Hates Chris. On this particular episode, Chris Rock the narrator explains that he rarely went to the doctor as a kid because his parents believed that Robitussin was the cure to all their ailments.

If someone burned a finger, his parents would say, “Oh, take some Robitussin!” If someone broke a tooth, his mom would say, “I’ll go get the Robitussin!” If someone got hit by a car, they’d say, “Oh my God! Where’s the Robitussin?” If someone broke a leg, his dad would say, “Let me put some of that ’Tussin on it!”

Chris’s parents would rely on something that was unreliable.

The difference between God and Robitussin is that God is reliable. Oftentimes, God doesn’t just have the answer. But God is the Answer.

Who is the source of your strength? God. Who is the strength of your life? God. Who is there to help you? God. Who is your bridge over troubled water? God.

God is better than Robitussin.