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Baking an Apple Cake

When I first started pastoring, one of the seniors often baked an apple cake for me. The cake is so good I’d hop on one leg from Virginia to California backwards without stopping just to get a slice. 

One day (perhaps because she was tired of me asking her to bake the cake every month) she gave me the recipe. 

But even though she gave me the recipe, she didn’t come over my house to bake it for me. I needed to bake it myself. 

And yes, the Lord will give you the recipe to be blessed. But it’s your job to oil the pan, mix the ingredients, and preheat the oven. 

You must bake it yourself. Make the call. Send the email. Do the reading. Put in the application. Study. Practice. Rehearse. Prepare. 

Do your part in bringing about your own blessing.