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Always Prepared

Every single Sunday before the start of our worship celebration, our church mother Ada Taylor gives me at least two pieces of candy, the puffy mints that melt in your mouth and a fancy cough drop. 

Because she’s so consistent, I confess that I’ve grown to expect the candy each Sunday. 

One Sunday after service, I ask Ms. Taylor, “Do you feel a burden to bring me candy every week?” 

She answers, “It’s my duty.” 

One Thursday a few months ago, she sends me a text, saying, “I will not be at church this Sunday.” 

Initially, I say to myself, “Aw man.” 

But when I keep reading, I see that she goes on to say in the text, “But don’t PANIC! Gwen will have your mints for you!” 

Then I say, “Yay!” 

Even though Ada couldn’t make the drop herself that day, she made other arrangements. 

She was prepared. 

Just as Ada was prepared for me, so also God is always prepared to make sure that you have what you need.